We Can Stop Bullying By Imitating God

Bullying should never be part of us

and we must

walk to imitate God

so as to staop bullying others.

We can, yes we can replace bullying others with love.

Yes love

because love never fails

says the Bible.

We can use our time to show kindness

instead of bullying other

Yes, we should train ourselves to have self control

over the desire

to bully others.

We should learn to show goodness instead of bullying.

Yes, the fruitage of God’s Holy Spirit mentioned in the Bible

which are love, joy, peace, patience

kidness, goodness, faith, mildness and self control

will help us all to treat others

the way God wants.

Yes, this is one of the reasons why we are here.

Yes we have to respect everyone

regardless of their sex, colour, language and

whether they are rich or poor

Because God created us all and cares for us all.

By Glory Year 4