Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1

Mrs Cooper – Mrs Beard 

Please feel free to email on this new email address if you have any worries, questions or concerns and we will help in anyway that we can to support you.

Hello and welcome to Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

It has been lovely to welcome all our new starters this week and hear about what you have all been doing over the Summer holidays.

All of the children have settled in really well and are beginning to explore the classroom, make new friends and join in with the little activities that are available to them.

You should have received an email with an invitation to join Tapestry. We use this to share photos and stories with you about your child and what they are learning about in school. Please can you accept the invitation and you will have some amazing photos of your child shortly. Please let me know if you haven’t received this email and I will send it to you again. (If you have not brought back your Tapestry letter yet can you please bring it back as soon as you can please – thank you)

Reading at Home

School can be really tricky and scary when you are young especially when everyone is trying to social distance. Here is a story for you to share with your child which will hopefully help them to understand about social distancing.  It is called ‘While we can’t hug’ I have also got a copy in the classroom which I will be reading with the children next week.

There is also a little clip you can watch on youtube to help explain to your child that they are in a bubble and that they have to stay in this bubble in order to stay safe. I hope this will be useful for you.

Top Ten Storytimes to Enjoy 

This collection of our top 10 tales, often read by the author, are suitable for 3-7-year olds (though older children may enjoy them too). The book covers are include so children can see and CHOOSE what they’d like. Reading for pleasure is about engaging with books or any texts that interest you, so children’s choice is key.

Digital Favourites to Enjoy 

Download a copy of digital favourites, with visuals so children can CHOOSE! The collection includes stories, poetry, comics, information books and magazines and so something to tempt every reader. The visuals are key to fostering motivation, so do pass on.


We are using the Letters and Sounds documentation for Phonics and we are currently working on Phase 1. I will explain in more detail each week what your child will be learning and give you ideas to do at home too. Phase 1 includes:

Aspect 1 – General sound discrimination – environmental

The aim of this aspect is to raise children’s awareness of the sounds around them and to develop their listening skills. Activities suggested may include going on a listening walk, drumming on different items outside and comparing the sounds, playing a sounds lotto game and making shakers.

Aspect 2 – General sound discrimination – instrumental sounds

This aspect aims to develop children’s awareness of sounds made by various instruments and noise makers. Activities include comparing and matching sound makers, playing instruments alongside a story and making loud and quiet sounds.

Aspect 3 – General sound discrimination – body percussion

The aim of this aspect is to develop children’s awareness of sounds and rhythms. Activities include singing songs and action rhymes, listening to music and developing a sounds vocabulary.

Aspect 4 – Rhythm and rhyme

This aspect aims to develop children’s appreciation and experiences of rhythm and rhyme in speech. Activities include rhyming stories, rhyming bingo, clapping out the syllables in words and odd one out.

Aspect 5 – Alliteration

The focus is on initial sounds of words, with activities including I-Spy type games and matching objects which begin with the same sound.

Aspect 6 – Voice sounds

The aim is to distinguish between different vocal sounds and to begin oral blending and segmenting. Activities may include Metal Mike, where children feed pictures of objects into a toy robot’s mouth and the teacher sounds out the name of the object in a robot voice – /c/-/u/-/p/ cup, with the children joining in.

Aspect 7 – Oral blending and segmenting

In this aspect, the main aim is to develop oral blending and segmenting skills.

To practise oral blending, the teacher could say some sounds, such as /c/-/u/-/p/ and see whether the children can pick out a cup from a group of objects. For segmenting practise, the teacher could hold up an object such as a sock and ask the children which sounds they can hear in the word sock.

We also spend a lot of time learning and singing different nursery rhymes and the children enjoy performing these outside in the music area and at the end of each session.

This website is really good for playing different games with your child and includes the different phases of learning.

Username:march20 Password: home



I will be sending you out an email that enables you to sign up to a maths website that we have joined as a school. It allows you to watch simple videos and take part in several activities that will help your child in maths.

It is called ‘Maths with Parents’ – Please register your child onto this fantastic website and enjoy taking part in the activities. Your child will receive certificates for taking part in the different activities.  If you haven’t received the details or are experiencing any problems getting started then please let me know.

This is a great new resource with tutorial videos and activities for maths.  Each week new tasks will be set. There are helpful videos for you and your child to watch together. Please send me photos of your child taking part in these activities and I will share them with the other children and put them on here for everyone to see.

There are also some fun games on Top Marks to help learning to count and don’t forget to keep watching Number Blocks



Physical Development / Calming down time.

Why not try yoga with your child to help them to calm down but also to get exercise too. It is a little website called Cosmic Kids yoga and it has several types of yoga based on different stories. For example, The Hungry Caterpillar, Room on a Broom, Frozen. See which story you and your child like the best.

Or    – Andy’s Wild Adventures.

Speak to you again soon take care

Mrs Cooper x


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