Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1

Mrs Cooper – Mrs Beard 

Please feel free to email on this new email address if you have any worries, questions or concerns and we will help in anyway that we can to support you.

You can send us updates of how you are getting on at home and what activities you are taking part in.

Home Working Letter EYFS

Summer Term Week 3

It was lovely to see and talk to some of you in our previous Zoom meetings.  If you would like to join us this week our Zoom meeting will be on Monday the 15th  of June at 1:30pm when some of the children are going to talk about or show their favourite toy / activity or game etc and we will also be singing some of our favourite nursery rhymes and songs together. Why not come along, it will be lovely to see you all. It will be the same login and password as last week. Please e-mail me if you need me to send you the email again. Hope to see you again soon!

Have a look at this website it will help your child when they go into Foundation Stage 2 in September. You can download several different books and your child can have a go at sounding out some of the different words they can see and talk about what they have heard etc.

Oxford Owl have free e- books that you can download onto your devices at home.

Parents can further support their children with their reading through:

Predicting – What do they think this text is about?

Clarify – What new vocabulary have they experienced? Meaning?

Question – What would they still like to know?

Summary – In their words, what is the text about

Reading at Home

Top Ten Storytimes to Enjoy 

This collection of our top 10 tales, often read by the author, are suitable for 3-7-year olds (though older children may enjoy them too). The book covers are include so children can see and CHOOSE what they’d like. Reading for pleasure is about engaging with books or any texts that interest you, so children’s choice is key.

Digital Favourites to Enjoy 

Download a copy of digital favourites, with visuals so children can CHOOSE! The collection includes stories, poetry, comics, information books and magazines and so something to tempt every reader. The visuals are key to fostering motivation, so do pass on.

It’s simple: can you do something wild everyday for 30 days this June? From learning about nature to creating wild spaces, there’s something simple that everyone can do to bring nature into their lives. Whether you take your child outdoors or bring the wild into your home, making nature part of life can open up new ways of learning and engagement for children. Sign up for your free home learning pack using the link below. You’ll get a free, downloadable pack of goodies to help you plan your wild month, plus lots of ideas to inspire you to stay wild all throughout June (and beyond!). For extra ‘bonus’ items, keep an eye on your emails for additional, fun activities, from instructions for baking hedgehog cupcakes to a beginner’s guide to wildlife photography.

English: Week 3

Don’t forget to keep encouraging your child to practise their name writing skills.

Have a go at writing the different letters. Here is a website that shows you how to write each letter.

You will need the username: student25850 and the password: family

A set of instructional videos and supporting resources to compliment the teaching of upper and lower case letters. Have a go at practising forming the letters using different media. For example: sand, flower, paintbrush, chalk.  

Expressive Arts:

Encourage your child to become even more creative by watching and following these lovely video clips by Rob Biddulph. He is an author and illustrator and his art work is amazing. Don’t forget to send me pictures of some of work your child does!

Here is a  link to a drawing class

Phonics Week 3

Don’t forget to keep going on sound walks and to keep listening for different sounds around your house and in your local area. You can also keep singing the different nursery rhymes that we have learnt which I know you all really enjoy!

We have recently started learning our Phase 2 sounds in Phonics alongside our Phase 1 sound activities. Please keep encouraging your child to recognise the different sounds we have already learnt. These are the different phonemes your child should be beginning to recognise and the learning of these phonemes will continue in September when they start in Foundation Stage 2.

Phase 2 graphemes:

  • Set 1: s, a, t, p.
  • Set 2: i, n, m, d.
  • Set 3: g, o, c, k.
  • Set 4: ck, e, u, r.
  • Set 5: h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss.

Please encourage them to recognise the letters in books and magazines and think of objects that begin with each sound. This will help to develop their initial sounds and alliteration. You can begin to encourage your child to sound out simple words in books e.g. it, in, is, dad, etc

Username:march20 Password: home


Phonics at Home Website

Letter to parents & carers about online phonics lessons  

Maths Week 3

‘Maths with Parents’ – Have you registered your child onto this fantastic website? If you haven’t received the details or are experiencing any problems getting started then please let me know.

This is a great new resource with tutorial videos and activities for maths. I know some of you have already watched the first few videos and completed the activities set. Well done! Each week new tasks will be set. There are helpful videos for you and your child to watch together.


There are also some fun games on Top Marks to help learning to count and don’t forget to keep watching Number Blocks



Physical Development / Calming down time.

Why not try yoga with your child to help them to calm down but also to get exercise too. It is a little website called Cosmic Kids yoga and it has several types of yoga based on different stories. For example, The Hungry Caterpillar, Room on a Broom, Frozen. See which story you and your child like the best.

Or    – Andy’s Wild Adventures.



Jesus had good friends; what Jesus tells us about friendship.

Display the image of Jesus and his friends God’s Story 2 page 66 based on Mark 6:7, 30-32.   Tell the story using the picture to discover what Jesus and his friends did together.  Encourage your child to act out sections of the story.


  • How do we know they are friends?
  • What does the picture tell us about friends?
  • What did Jesus and his friends do? (They worked, told people the Good News of God’s love for everyone, answered questions.)
  • Where did they go when they were tired?
  • What did they do together? (eat, shared experiences, rested)
  • Where do you go when you are tired?
  • Who do you talk to about your experiences of the day? g. what has gone well/what has not.
  • Where do you go to be quiet and still?


  • Draw a picture of your friend, put friendship words (e.g. loving, kind, caring, sharing etc), around your picture and talk about what you like about your friend and what you do together.
  • Scribe the children’s responses to the joys and challenges of friendship on links that will form a ‘friendship’ chain. Add it to the focus area.
  • Write a letter to Jesus asking him to help them be a good friend.

FOCUS: Making friends and being a friend.

Read the story about the Love Monster and explore what it means to be a friend.

  • Friends look after and do things for one another.
  • Friends do things together.
  • Friends make one another happy, comfortable and glad.
  • Things that spoil friendship.
  • Making friends again.


  • How do we make friends?
  • Why is it important to have a friend?
  • What do friends do together?


  • Make paper chain teddies of friendship.
  • Make a collage with handprints to display.
  • Make friendship bracelets.
  • Hold a teddy bears’ picnic outside.
  • Paint or draw a friend.
  • Make models of friends.
  • An assortment of games to play with friends: Farmer’s in his Den, Happy Families, Snap, Football, Catch


Have a quiet moment together to reflect on and appreciate how we all have friends and are a friend to others.

Think about our friends.

Appreciate what makes a good friend.

Consider how friendship can be spoilt and how we can make up.

Celebrate friendship.


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