Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1

Mrs Cooper – Mrs Beard 

Please feel free to email on this new email address if you have any worries, questions or concerns and we will help in anyway that we can to support you.

You can send us updates of how you are getting on at home and what activities you are taking part in.

Home Working Letter EYFS

Easter Break Activities Week 3

Look at this excellent website to help you learn all about the different aspects of Easter. It has several activities including how to make an Easter card, how to make a chocolate Easter nest and there is even an Easter number game where you can count, match and order numbers to 10. You can also share the Easter story with your child and look at the key events that happened.

Creative activities

There are several creative activities you can take part in with your child this Easter. Why not hard boil an egg and decorate it using paint, you could design your own Easter egg using a variety of creative resources and you could also make Salt dough or playdough and create different representations of Easter – not forgetting the Easter bunny!


Can you make a chicken using every day objects and materials from inside your house and from around your garden? E.g egg cartons, plant pots, kitchen roll tubes and feathers. Post your creations on tapestry or email them to me so I can see how well you have done. I have done a few examples to give you some ideas!

An easy recipe to explain how to make salt dough – don’t forget to use plain flour!

You can then make several different creations with your child linked to Easter. Please be careful when using the oven.

Different video clips to show you how to make playdough. See which one works best for you in order to make your amazing inventions!


Physical Development / Calming down time.

Why not try yoga with your child to help them to calm down but also to get exercise too. It is a little website called Cosmic Kids yoga and it has several types of yoga based on different stories. For example, the hungry caterpillar, Room on a broom, Frozen. See which story you and your child like the best.

English Week 2


Three chicks hatched on Wednesday 25th March. Follow this link to watch the eggs hatching:

Eggs hatching video

Egg hatching slow motion

Can you come up with names for the chicks and email your ideas or post them on tapestry?

Watch us grow:

Day 1

Week 1

Have a look on tapestry and on our website and you will see videos and pictures of the 3 chickens that have recently hatched in our Foundation Unit. We will keep adding more pictures as they grow and develop.  Please encourage your child to talk about them, draw pictures of them and label different parts of them using initial sounds. Show your child the life cycle of a chicken on the internet and talk about the different stages of development. Can you create a picture of the lifecycle showing the different stages? (Adults to scribe)  This is a great opportunity to develop your child’s speaking and listening skills and their understanding of how a chicken is created!


During the school closure don’t forget to keep practicing the different Nursery and number rhymes that we have been learning in class.

Reading story to your child every day is the best English lesson. We like to use traditional tales and if you need some help youtube can provide the story teller.

Why not listen online to several stories by one of my favourite authors – Julia Donaldson. On the BBC website there are several animated films based on her picture books – The Snail and the Whale, The Gruffalo, Stick Man etc. Encourage your child to join in with the repeated phrases and talk about what is happening, who the characters are and where the story is set etc. Another great opportunity to develop your child’s speaking and listening skills, creativity and imagination. Why not make up your own stories based around these ideas. I’m sure your child has lots of ideas already!            

Phonics week 2

Phonics  Phase 1 involves the children hearing lots of different sounds. Animal sounds, environmental sounds, instrumental sounds. Encourage your child to listen to the different sounds they can hear throughout the day – go on a sound walk around your house or around the garden.

Please keep helping your child to learn and identify initial sounds in different words e.g. c for cat and d for dog and also words that rhyme e.g. cat, bat and hat.

You can also help and encourage your child to try segmenting and blending with simple words e.g. c a t,   d o g,  p i g  etc  This is preparation for when they start reading in Foundation 2.

We have recently started learning our Phase 2 sounds in Phonics alongside our Phase 1 sound activities. Please keep encouraging your child to recognise the different sounds we have already learnt. The children are beginning to recognise the phonemes s, a, t, p, i, n, d, g, o, c, k and e. Please encourage them to recognise the letters in books and magazines and think of objects that begin with each sound. This will help to develop their initial sounds and alliteration.

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Maths Week 2

Watching Number Blocks will help your three to fives learn all about numbers whilst they’re at home but remember numbers and shapes are everywhere. Point out numbers on packets and count the steps up and down to bed. Let them help you count the plates, knives and forks at lunchtime. Counting cars going past the window and how many balls they can bounce in 1 minute.

There are also some fun games on Top Marks to help learning to count.

In Foundation 1 we recently started a daily calendar which we completed every morning. We always begin with the Days of the Week song (Sung to the Adam’s Family tune) Why not encourage your child to sing this to you each day and talk about what day it is. Then talk about what date it is and encourage your child to count up to the correct number. Please model the numbers if they are unsure. Then it is the month – encourage your child to talk about the different months of the year. Finally, it is the weather – go outside and encourage your child to describe the weather.

Physical Development:

Physical activity is extremely important.  Joe Wicks has some brilliant home work outs for children and adults alike to complete at home to ensure we’re fighting fit and healthy. He is going to run a PE workout for children in the UK at 9am Monday to Fridays on his youtube channel.

Log on at        

RE Week 2

Lent – growing in love

Growing in Love


During Lent, how can we think less about ourselves and more of others and grow in love?  Talk about how we can do things for others, e.g. pray for them, help them in some way.

Draw pictures of sharing, caring and helping, put these on a large cut-out cross with the caption ‘Grow in love. Email or share on Tapestry.

New life  Bring spring into your home and learn about life cycles, baby animals and even how honey is made. This module contains a variety of resources from spring-themed worksheets to an animal sound gallery, to help cover a range of EYFS goals and teach your child about new life.

New Life Baby Animals:

Baby animals information book:

Watch animal babies changing into adults:

Did you know one of the most important ways to help children be prepared for school is simply to talk with them frequently? At just 3 years of age, children whose parents didn’t talk to them were on average exposed to 30 million fewer words than their peers. There is a tight link established between the number of words a child hears and their literacy development, often referred to as the “word gap.” Simply put, the more words a child hears, the more prepared they are when they enter school. By Y2, children who hear more words tend to have bigger vocabularies, be stronger readers and perform better on tests.

School subscribes to Espresso so please have a look at activities designed for our younger pupils.

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