Foundation Stage 2

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We are very busy learners in FS2! And we love to receive Star Moments from you about your child’s successes at home and out of school!

Here is some information about FS2 along with some ideas about how you can support your child:

Things you may need

Please send your child to school prepared for the day. Each day children will need suitable clothing (e.g. coat, wellies, hat) and their book bag in school. They may also like to bring a named bottle of water.

We encourage our children to look after their own belongings: We are teaching the children to store jumpers and cardigans in their tray when they take them off. However, as they are still learning this routine, please ensure that each item of uniform has your child’s name clearly labelled (this includes wellies and shoes, if possible) so we can return any items that go astray!

Children do not need to bring toys or items from home, unless they have been agreed with Mrs Stimpson or Mrs Eyre so we can make sure they are looked after.


In RE we have been learning ‘all families are different and every family is special’. We have been thinking about the importance of our names and will continue to think about this as we move into learning about the sacrament of Baptism and being welcomed into God’s family.

You can support learning in this by sending photographs or items about any Baptism your child has been involved in, as we will encourage children to share their own experiences. You can also help your child to recognise and then write their name with a capital letter to start and lowercase letters for the rest.

Reading and Phonics

As well as literacy activities, we have a daily Phonics session which follow the Letters and Sounds programme. Each day your child learns a new tricky word or a new phoneme/grapheme which they then apply in their reading and writing.

We recommend that you and your child share the Home Reader book together for 5-10 minutes at least 3 times a week. This is to promote comprehension of the text and reading fluency. Home Readers are less challenging than the books your child reads in school to help develop their confidence.

Here are a few web links that you may wish to use to help your child with their reading and phonics:


Along with the rest of school, we are learning Mathematics through the Mathematics Mastery approach. We have daily Maths Meetings as well as lessons in which we use our language skills and a variety of manipulatives to learn and apply new concepts and skills.

Here are a few web links that you may wish to use to help your child with their maths:

GLOW (Great Learning Outside in Wellies)

Each week, we have a dedicated session outdoors to support our Understanding of the World and the other Prime Areas of Learning. We are very lucky that Mr Parker joins us for our adventures each fortnight too as he often makes use of our fire pit so we can cook outdoors!

Our outdoor area and school grounds are rich environment to explore but we also like to make the most of having Hannah Park Woods on our doorstep. So if you are available to join us for a GLOW session one week (or regularly), please see Mrs Cawkwell or Mrs Eyre so we know which weeks there are enough adults to visit the woods.

Other Information

We are always grateful of any donations of clean packaging or fabrics that we can use for collage and box modelling. Any school trousers or tights that you no longer require are also invaluable for when children need to be changed in school.

Please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Cawkwell or Mrs Eyre if there is anything you need to know or you feel we need to know.

Thank you for your continued support!

Click below to find out what your child should be capable of during their journey through Foundation Stage.

What to expect when EYFS


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