Year 2

Welcome To Class 2

Mrs Sonko (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Wood (Wednesday – Friday)

Please contact the teachers on the email above if you have any questions or problems accessing the following activities whilst you are learning from home.

Summer 2: Week 7 (Wk Commencing Monday 13th July)

This is the last week of the school term and the last week for remote learning via this website. We will also have our final zoom meeting this week on Wednesday 15th July at 11am.

You will be sent an invite the day before. The final zoom is a ‘show and tell’ where we would like to give the children the opportunity to talk to their peers and share something with them. This can be anything from an toy, a dance, story or recent experience. We have also suggested that the children might want to get dressed up for this final chat. They might want to wear their favourite dressing up outfit or a particular item of clothing that they want to show their friends. We are hoping to get as many children as possible to join this final meeting.

Children can work through the remainder of their CGP books at their own pace until they are complete. We hope you have found these useful.


Summer 2: Week 7 (Wk Commencing Monday 13th July)

This week we would like to continue your work on shape and also include patterns, position and directions.

Click the link below to find the links to lessons from the National Oak Academy for Year 2 shape.






If you would like to continue with the remainder of these lessons, below is the link to the main menu:

Below is our school you tube link with all our previous activities if you would like to revisit them.

The school also uses a platform called ‘Maths with Parents’. You should have all received an email about this with the login details.  If you have any problems logging in then please email.

Your login is: hfps

Your password is: boostholy, then use your child’s login details.

Don’t forget Times Tables Rock Stars too! Children can access TTRockstars using their current login and password.


Summer 2: Week 7 (Wk Commencing Monday 13th July)

This week I would like you to continue with the work on summaries and I would like the children to start writing a summary for a book that they have read recently too.

When the children return to school and move in to year 3, we would like them to write a brief summary of every book that they read and we will keep these in the reading area to share with their classmates.

Here is some additional work on writing a summary from the BBC Bitesize for year 2. There are 2 videos, some comprehension questions to think about and 3 activities to complete.

Remember, a summary should be an overview of the story. It should say who the characters are, where the story is set and what the plot is. It doesn’t need to have story language and words for effect (like if you were retelling the story) such as ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘he was such a dangerous dragon that he could set fire to ten forests with one mighty breath’. Try to think of a summary as what you might tell someone if they asked you – what is that book about?


This week and over the holidays please continue to read as much as possible (remember you can access free ebooks on Oxford Owl webpage) and also to make sure that you can read and spell the tricky words from phases 1 – 5. You have been given these on several occasions since starting year two and can access them online. However if you would like another copy emailing then please let us know.

There are some tricky words games that you can play on ‘Phonics Play’ and also don’t forget to have a look at the phase 6 spelling activities.

The username is: march20

Password: home

Most children in year 2 should be able to access the phase 5 games and activities however if your child is struggling with this then let us know and we can redirect you to something more appropriate.

There are also phonics videos and activities on Expresso (login details below).


Oxford Owl has a variety of online Ebooks that children can access at home. Click on the link below to sign up for their free resources.

Parents can further support their children with their reading through:

Predicting – What do they think this text is about?

Clarify – What new vocabulary have they experienced? Meaning?

Question – What would they still like to know?

Summary – In their words, what is the text about?


Summer 2: Week 7 (Wk Commencing Monday 13th July)

Other faiths – Islam

In this final week of term, I would like you to find out about Yonis and his Muslim faith.

Watch this video and have a go at answering some of the questions afterwards.

Key Questions:

  • How is Yonis’ life the some as yours?
  • How it is different?
  • How easy would it be to learn Arabic to read the Qur’an? 
  • What do you notice is special about Muslim home life?
  • How do you think Muslim children respect their parents?
  • What shows you that family life is important for Muslims?

You could try some of these activities too:

  • Watch BBC Learning Zone Clip 9651 – Life in Coventry – Yonis
  • Make a diary called the day in the life of…….. a Muslim boy/ girl.
  • If you invited a Muslim child to your house what would you have to do to make he or she feel at home?
  • Use pictures to describe how you would recognise a Muslim person if you saw one?

Summer 2: Week 7 (Wk Commencing Monday 13th July)

You will need the username: student25850 and the password: family


Last week you were given some activities linked to plants and what a great time of year it is for seeing your plants grow. If you have been growing anything at home then let us know (email a picture if you can) so we can share it with the class.

I am going to leave the work about plants on the page in case you didn’t finish it or you want to do more activities, and I want to return to classification of animals (the different groups) because this week we have the last two groups.

I’ve been really impressed with the work that you have done so far on this and have loved seeing the different ways that you have presented your ideas from labelled pictures and information booklets to paragraphs of texts with diagrams.

The final two groups I would like you to look at this week are reptiles and minibeasts.

Have a look at the BBC biteszie videos to help you.

There are lots of different types of plants, but they have many things in common.

The roots are at the bottom of a plant. They grow into the soil. The roots act like an anchor and stop the plant from blowing away or being pulled out of the ground. Another function of the roots is to take in water and nutrients from the soil, to be used by the rest of the plant.

The stem of the plant supports the plant and helps it to stand up. It also acts like a pipe and allows the water drawn up by the roots to be used by the rest of the plant.

The leaves of a plant help the plant to make its own food. The plant uses the energy from sunlight to turn water and air into food for the plant to use. This is called photosynthesis.

The flower of allows the plant to reproduce, or make more plants. One way it does this is by attracting insects, which move pollen from one flower to another, allowing the flower to produce seeds. Flowers attract insects through their bright colours and strong smells.

Some Questions

What would happen to a plant if you took its leaves off?
What would happen to a house plant if you didn’t water it?
Does the type of soil affect how well the plant grows?
Do all plants produce flowers?
What would happen to flowering plants if there were no insects?

Some activities to try

Let us know when you complete an activity then we can award you with some progress points.


In this week’s story the Queen visits many places. Can you choose one and find out some facts about it?

For example…

  • Where is Stonehenge?
  • Why is is famous?
  • How would you get there?
  • What might you see?



Have a look at this video lesson all about shadow art. Watch the video and pause it when you need to. Have a go at creating some of your own shadow art.

Design Technology

Have a go a this weeks Art and Design lesson and learn all about sculpture. See if you can have a go a creating your own soap sculpture. If you do then please send us some pictures. Any one who has a go at this will be rewarded a progress point.

PE – Ongoing

Follow Joe Wicks for his daily workout Monday – Friday at 9am.

If Joe Wicks is a bit too intense for you, I’ve recently discovered Andy’s Wild Workouts’ on Cbeebies. These are really good fun and get you moving. You can search the Cbeebies website or use the following link.

Cosmic Kids Yoga offers healthy sessions for children with different adventures and stories from some of their favourite characters.


How is Information Technology used beyond school?

Below are some examples of how Technology is used beyond school.

Some activities to try at home

  • Make your own mobile phone
  • Go for a walk, how many different types of technology do you see?
  • How many times do you use technology in one day? Can you write them down?

Let us know when you complete an activity then we can award you with some progress points.

  • Design a leaflet with the title ‘Technology’. You could use subheadings e.g. technology at home, technology in my local area etc

You will need the username: student25850 and the password: family


KS1 Music at Home


Here are some ideas for games activities at home.

Year 2 P4C game ideas

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