Year 2

Welcome To Class 2

Mrs Sonko (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Wood (Wednesday – Friday)

Please contact the teachers on the email above if you have any questions or problems accessing the following activities whilst you are learning from home.

Summer 2: Week 1 (Wk Commencing 1st June)

We hope that you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine. We are now back to the second half of our Summer term. Zoom meetings will be resumed.

We have two weekly zoom meetings on a Wednesday at 1pm and a Friday at 11am.

Look out for your invitation which we will email you on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

All you need to bring along is some paper and a pen. You won’t be asked to share your work via the zoom, however if there is something you would like to share please email us in advance.


Summer 2: Week 1 (Wk commencing Monday 1st June)

Over the last few weeks the maths focus has been on securing children’s understanding of number and using this to solve addition calculations. Please remember to revisit some of the maths videos demonstrating the part whole model and adding two digit numbers. These can be found on the school youtube channel and the link is below.

This week I would like you to continue to practise adding two-digit numbers and remember to pick numbers where the ones bridge ten. Remind your children of some of the different methods that they can use with particular attention to pictorial representation.

I have also selected some addition questions from year 2 SATS papers (maths reasoning) for you to have a go at. You could do one a day alongside some addition calculations.

Below is our school you tube link with all our previous activities if you would like to revisit them.

The school also uses a platform called ‘Maths with Parents’. You should have all received an email about this with the login details.  If you have any problems logging in then please email.

Your login is: hfps

Your password is: boostholy, then use your child’s login details.

CGP Key Stage One Maths (green book) – Pages 18-19 – Solving Number Problems

Don’t forget Times Tables Rock Stars too! Children can access TTRockstars using their current login and password.

There is a half term battle between Class 2 and Class 3. Who will win?


Summer 2: Week 1 (Wk commencing Monday 1st June)

The school have purchased CGP Y2 Workbooks.

Children are NOT to rush through the book. 

This week we would like you to complete…

KS1 English Comprehension

Page 16-17 –  ‘Our Solar System’

KS1 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – pages 16-17 – Apostrophes for missing letters and for possession

The children should have almost finished their stories now. Before the half term they wrote the ‘resolution’ part of their story.  This week I would like you to ask your child to write the final section of their story, known as the ‘ending’ (or the ‘in the end’ part).

Children are familiar with structuring stories this way and should know that in this final section of the story follows on from the previous section and brings the story to a close. *See the example in purple below.

(Story opener): Once upon a time there was a strong, brave knight who lived in a magnificent, golden castle on the top of a hill.

(Build up): One day the knight was summoned to the huge castle because the king had a new adventure for him. When he stood before the king he felt both nervous and excited. The King explained to him that his daughter, the princess, had been carried away by a fire breathing dragon and asked the knight if he would rescue her. The brave knight didn’t have to think for long before he put on his armour, mounted his horse and set off into the mountains. 

(Problem): Unfortunately as the brave knight galloped through the rugged mountains on his strong, white horse a furious wind storm began to circle above his head. I must find shelter he declared worriedly because we can not travel in this terrible gale. Soon after they came to a halt at the entrance to a dark, gloomy cave. Suddenly a bright glow filled the entrance causing the knight to step back. When he looked up he saw an enormous fire-breathing dragon racing towards him. 

(Resolution): Luckily the knight wasn’t afraid. He quickly pulled out his sword and plunged it in to the side of the great beast. The dragon roared. The knight jumped on his horse and flung himself on to the dragons back. The dragon tried to shake him off but the knight held on tight. The dragon continued to roar and breathe fire but the brave knight refused to let go. After some time the dragon began to tire. Finally, exhausted he fell to the floor and lay down his heavy head. The knight waited until the dragon was completely still and then carefully climbed off his back. 

(Ending): The brave knight crept further into the cave until he stumbled across a large cage. Inside was the weary princess. The knight used his sword to break the lock and then freed the damsel in distress. He led her gently to the entrance of the cave where she was surprised to see the dragon lying on the floor. The knight told her not to worry and together they climbed on to the dragon’s back. The knight put a rope around the dragon’s neck and then gently patted him on the head. The tired and defeated dragon slowly began to stand and then spread his enormous wings. Suddenly the dragon, knight and princess set off into the evening sky. The soared over forests and mountains, rivers and valleys until they reached the princess’ kingdom. The dragon bent down his head and the knight and princess climbed off his back. As the princess ran towards the castle doors, her father, the king suddenly appeared. He was so happy to see his daughter that he shouted out in joy. Before long the knight and the princess were married and they all lived happily ever after. 

KS1 English Reading (Orange Book) Pages 20-21- Information Texts


Don’t forget to look at the ‘Phonics Play’. This website usually has a fee but is free at the moment and really worth exploring.

The username is: march20

Password: home

Most children in year 2 should be able to access the phase 5 games and activities however if your child is struggling with this then let us know and we can redirect you to something more appropriate.

There are also phonics videos and activities on Expresso (login details below).

Phonics Task

Children will be looking at apostrophes for missing letters and for possession in their CGP Grammar books this week so below is a link to some interactive resources exploring apostrophes.


Oxford Owl has a variety of online Ebooks that children can access at home. Click on the link below to sign up for their free resources.

Parents can further support their children with their reading through:

Predicting – What do they think this text is about?

Clarify – What new vocabulary have they experienced? Meaning?

Question – What would they still like to know?

Summary – In their words, what is the text about?


Summer 2: Week 1 (Wk commencing Monday 1st June)

Reconciliation – Inter-relating: RULES

This week we start our new topic under the title of ‘Rules’. During this topic we explore the idea that networks of friendships and relationships enable human beings to live together.  When a child’s power to reach out, trust and make friends is diminished, they may suffer the effects for a lifetime.  Both children and adults have to discover their ability to reach out and repair what has been damaged.

If human beings are to live together in relationships, there is always need for reconciliation.

Christians believe that, in Jesus Christ, the world has been reconciled to God.  Through and in Christ, every human being is offered the power to reach out in forgiveness and peace, to receive and to offer reconciliation.

For the Christian Christ’s rule of love of God and neighbour offers freedom and happiness.  The exercise of the conscience enables the Christian to follow God’s law and through love to express sorrow for wrong doing.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation grants pardon and peace.

To begin this topic I would like children to think about how rules can help at home and at school. Talk to your children about rules. If you wish to tell or choose your own story: check that it includes: a situation which raises questions about the purpose of rules.  Rules help us to live, work and play happily together. Rules help us to care for ourselves.  Rules help us to care for others.  Rules help us to be caring, free, responsible people.


Ask your child to create an information page or a booklet to tell children who are new to the school, all about our ‘promises’. Think about each promise and explain what it means. Discuss or record why it is an important ‘rule’. Don’t forget to illustrate and decorate your page/booklet. You may wish to complete this task as a written piece or perhaps in another format such as a Power Point or a video.

Summer 2: Week 1 (Wk commencing Monday 1st June)

You will need the username: student25850 and the password: family


Over the next few weeks we are going to explore the different groups that animals fall in to (classification). This week I would like you to look at ‘Mammals’ and ‘Amphibians’.

Watch the videos about these two groups on BBC bitesize and then have a go at the quiz for each of these two groups. When you have finished, design an information sheet to tell other people about these groups, what the features are, the animals that fall within them. You might want to take a page for each group.




Last weeks art pictures were fantastic and thank you for sharing them. This week we will be focusing on texture and looking at the work of an artist called Max Ernst. Watch the video and then go a texture treasure hunt with a grown up. Then have a go at creating your own piece.

Design Technology

PE – Ongoing

Follow Joe Wicks for his daily workout Monday – Friday at 9am.

If Joe Wicks is a bit too intense for you, I’ve recently discovered Andy’s Wild Workouts’ on Cbeebies. These are really good fun and get you moving. You can search the Cbeebies website or use the following link.

Cosmic Kids Yoga offers healthy sessions for children with different adventures and stories from some of their favourite characters.


The link below takes you to a espresso  to practice your coding. Have a go at lesson 3, ‘Click and go’. If you haven’t already, you will need to do lessons 1 and 2 first.

You will need the username: student25850 and the password: family


KS1 Music at Home


Here are some ideas for games activities at home.

Year 2 P4C game ideas

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