Year 3

Welcome to Y3

Mrs Floyd

Maths Week 14

Maths with Parents – please log in here:

Use the class code 150128 to register onto the programme.

I will set topics twice weekly and you are able to choose an activity based on the topic. Any problems, please email me on the above address – you should have received an email with information about this – again, if not, please do contact me. I have loved seeing all of your comments and photos.

Tasks have been set on MyMaths, these will be updated weekly but monitored daily.

Your login is: hfps

Your password is: boostholy, then use your child’s login details.

Children can access TTRockstars using their current login and password.  We are currently in a battle with Y2!

English Week 14

KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling CGP question book for each child.

This week I would like the children to complete pages 85 ‘The Hard ‘c’ Sound’, page 86 ‘The Soft ‘c’ Sound’,  page 87 ‘The ‘sh’ Sound’, and page 88 ‘The ‘ay’ Sound’.

The books provide an answer section to support parents. Children are NOT to rush through the book.

Please complete the 5 English lessons  – Adventure story.

Bedrock Learning:

Oxford Reading Owl – you can get any book from the Oxford Owl free as an ebook currently on their website – you will find that here:

Please continue to read with your child a minimum of 3x per week. This is one of the most important things you can do currently to help us and your child. You can further support your child with their reading through:

Predicting – What do they think this text is about?

Clarify – What new vocabulary have they experienced? Meaning?

Question – What would they still like to know?

Summary – In their words, what is the text about?

I would love to see a video of your child reading, if they would like to read a few pages for me. Please send it to the email at the top of the page. Progress points for reading fluently with expression!

RE Week 13

Special Places:

CAFOD Project ideas – Summer of Hope,

communication CAFOD – The Beatitudes photo story and reflection

What do you feel the current lockdown situation has taught you about what is important? Do  you think you and your family will be making any changes in the future from what you have learnt? I know I will never take a hug with family for granted again. Perhaps you could make a poster showing what you have learnt about what is important in life.

You will need the username: student25850 and the password: family


We are going to recap our work on plants. Please go to the following page and watch the videos:

Complete the activities on the page below:


Coding – have a go at the free coding, see what you can create!


Here is the link to the Draw with Rob activities that we have been doing in our zoom sessions:

Mrs Knowles has prepared another lovely activity for you – this time it is tube people! The instructions are below:

Paper roll family


Premier Education:

Physical activity is extremely important.  Joe Wicks has some brilliant home work outs for children and adults alike to complete at home to ensure we’re fighting fit and healthy. He is going to run a PE workout for children in the UK at 9am Monday to Fridays on his youtube channel.

Log on at

Alternatively, you could try just dance on youtube.

BBC Bitesize:

Lessons are being added daily on to the bitesize website – there are English and Maths lessons as well as other curriculum areas such as Geography, History, Music. Here is a link to look at the lessons on offer:

Online safety:

With children facing time in isolation, it is important that they work through the online safetfy module to keep them safe when accessing the internet.

Story time:

Here’s a video of Mrs Knowles doing a sign story. Have a watch and listen and perhaps have a go at the signs yourself!

Here’s a new story time video – this time it’s Miss Lynes reading Owl babies while we were in school looking after the children of key workers. Enjoy!

Please follow the link below for a video of me reading a story for the children – I will aim to upload these every few days so keep checking!

Here is a little video that we wanted to share with you. Mrs Knowles, Miss Rush, Miss Lynes and I (Mrs Floyd) are thinking of you every day.

In addition to this: your child might want to keep a daily diary, to share with us when we go back to school. Perhaps they will want to create a dance to their favourite song and email it to me so I can pop it on here for their classmates to see. Maybe they would like to keep a daily Vlog. They may want to write an exciting fantasy story, including illustrations. Let them be as creative as they wish – perhaps put time aside each day for them to do creative work of their own choosing. It does not have to be limited to the work set by me weekly. I have told my class that I will continue to give progress points – please email me at the above email address and send me photos of your child’s work, or of your child completing work, I will upload them to the page regularly.

Please do feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, requests, more work etc.

Here’s what some members class 3 have been up to this week – please continue to send your photos to Mrs Floyd at

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