Mr Hayden

Mastery Maths / English

Throughout the school we are now delivery numeracy and literacy through the Mastery approach. Here you can find a Mastery Maths guide for parents; Y5 Parent Mastery. We ask that parents support the school and their children with this new approach.

Homework guide for parents:

Year 5 Homework Book Autumn 2017-18 (2)

Year 5 Homework Book Spring 2017-18

Year 5 Homework Book Summer 2017-18

As part of our Mastery English scheme, Y5 will be exploring Street Child. We  will link our literacy book to our topic of the Victorians in history.

Additional Support

As a school we will continue to subscribe to discovery education. This is an extremely helpful and child friendly website that contains guides, videos and activities that children can access in school and at home to further support their learning.

Simply search for the area your child would like to further explore, e.g. Synonyms and Antonyms, and the system will show all the relevant activities, tasks and videos. The website also contains a coding programme.

Username: student25850

Password: family



Termly homework: Homework is now optional but children have been provided with a termly homework list based on our current topics. These can be found in the front cover of your child’s homework book. If for any reason these go missing, please come and find me for another copy. Homework will be marked weekly every Friday.

Weekly homework: Non negotiable

Reading:  We expect your child to read at least three times per week at home and to record the chapters/pages into their reading diaries. Reading diaries need to be in class every day and will be checked every Friday. Reading three times a week will earn your child a point on our reading challenge. Your children will receive progress points and other awards as they progress through our reading challenges.

Spellings:  Throughout school we deliver spellings through HeadStart Spelling. A guide for parents can be viewed here. Children are given a list of spellings in four weekly sets. Each list of words will be taught weekly, with a test at the end of each set. Additional end of term tests will also be carried out. Practicing spellings at home will be of great benefit to your child’s progress.  A copy of the entire Y5 Headstart Scheme has been sent home. If for any reason this has been misplaced, come and find me for another copy.

Timestable challenge: Children will take part in a weekly timestable challenge every Friday. The purpose of this challenge is to help children progress with their timestables and improve their mental maths abilities. Children will be given 60 questions and have 5 minutes to answer all the questions. Scores are recorded weekly and 60/60 is rewarded with a progress point and progression onto the next level!

Physical Education / Swimming

Swimming is timetabled for Monday afternoon and P.E is timetabled for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. However, please ensure P.E kits are in school from Monday to Friday as there are a number of additional activities planned across the term.

Your child’s Swimming/PE kit should contain the following items:

P.E: Black shorts, white t-shirt/ Red HF Polo and trainers.  During the winter months (November – March) your child may bring a tracksuit for outdoor activities.

Swimming: Tight swim-shorts or speedos for boys. NO lengthy, loose or baggy clothing due to health and safety reasons.  Full 1 piece swim costume for girls. NO  bikinis.

Please note:  Long hair must be tied back and all jewellery must be removed before the session.