Mr Hayden


Please contact Mr Hayden on the email above if you have any questions or problems accessing the following activities whilst you are learning from home.

Mastery Maths – Week Beginning: 6th July 2020

We ask that parents support the school and their children by accessing the Mastery Maths homework guide.

The homework guide and guide for parents will help adults become familiar with the strategies children use in school and provide children with the opportunity to access tasks and content that they would in a lesson.

Homework guide for parents (up to date for 2019-20):

Year 5 Homework Book Autumn 2017-18 (2)

Year 5 Homework Book Spring 2017-18

Year 5 Homework Book Summer 2017-18


Can children ensure that they are following the Year 5 Homework Book Summer guide that is linked above. There is one task per week  for children to complete.

Maths with Parents – Measurement activities have been set on Maths with Parents this week. Please ensure you have signed up and can access the learning content. If you have any problems please contact Mr Hayden on the email above.

Fun Maths games! – https://mathsframe.co.uk/

TT Rockstar

We also ask that children access the Timestable Rockstar website and participate in activities for 30 minutes daily. New challenges will be set for children each week.

Your child will have their own unique log-in to access all content; this will be in your child’s learning pack.

If your child has difficulty accessing the content or cannot remember their password, please contact Mr Hayden on the email above.

Login: hfps

Password: boostholy

Weekly homework will be set. Please check the homework section once you log-in.


Nrich is an excellent resourse to support your child’s learning. Simply search the area of mathematics they want to explore to view the games and activities they have available. All games are free to play and can be accessed from a range of devices. Please note, some activities do not play on mobile devices and some may require you to change your browser (internet explorer, chrome, firefox) to run.

Below are too games that the children explore.

Nrich Estimating angles activity:https://nrich.maths.org/1235

Nrich Treasure Hunt coordinate and translation activity: https://nrich.maths.org/6288

Discovery education – Espresso

Username: student25850

Password: family


Discovery education is split into two sections: Espresso coding (Computing curriculum) and Espresso discovery (Core curriculum).

A letter has been sent with your child’s workpack to explain how to navigate and access this resource.

English – Week beginning: 6th July 2020

The school have purchased a KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling CGP question book for each child. The webpage will be updated with acitvities (including page numbers) for children to complete. The books also provide an answer section to support parents. Children are NOT to rush through the book.

Please ensure all previous work has been completed in the link below. I have kept the link active so you may revisit if you need to. 

Year 5 English Pack W1-4

CGP  – This week I would like children to:

Ensure all pages up to section 7 are complete.

Section 11 – Punctuating speech

Spelling: Page 78-83

Two written reading comprehension tasks from the Headstart Reading comprehension book will be sent home in your child’s workpack. Further reading comprehension tasks can be accessed online from the following link: https://central.espresso.co.uk/espresso/modules/e2_comprehension_uks2/index.html

Philip Pullman – The Firework-Maker’s Daughter. (You can find an enlarged picture on Google if you have difficulty viewing this image)

I would like you to write the opening to this story. Use the information that you can gather from the blurb and the front cover to describe your setting and introduce your character.

Remember to think carefully about our Y5 writing features – fronted adverbials, tenses, powerful adjectives, etc…

Extension: Now you have described our characters, can you describe the landscape? Use the information from the book blurb and front cover to help you. The text is set in Asia.

Bedrock Vocabulary – Learning

Your child should have received an email with their log in details. If your child has not received these, please contact Mr. Hayden on the email at the top of the page.

Bedrock learning is a great assessment tool which identifies vocabulary that your child is secure with, developing and does not know. Once the initial assessment is complete, your child can access a series of lessons. Please note that lessons should not be rushed through and completed all in one go. If children are completing too many lessons in quick concession, they will be made to wait 24 hours before accessing the next lesson in the sequence.


Please aim to complete a reading comprehension task weekly.

Parents can further support their children with their reading through:

Predicting – What do they think this text is about?

Clarify – What new vocabulary have they experienced? Meaning?

Question – What would they still like to know?

Summary – In their words, what is the text about?

Headstart spellings to continue as normal following the Headstart Spelling guide.

RE – Week beginning: 6th July

Research deforestation, ocean pollution, air pollution or global warming. What impact is this having on our planet?

Children to produce a poster on what it means to be Stewards of the world and what we can do to help look after the world around us.

Reveal-Focus-2-The-task-of-stewardship (1)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQTUWK7CM-Y&safe=true – Sea pollution

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic-J6hcSKa8&safe=true – Deforestation

Wider Curriculum – Week beginning: 6th July 2020

Animals including humans – Our bodies and nutrition. Watch the two videos below and attempt the sorting task activity.





Science – Living things and their habitats

Can children visit the following links and complete the activities on life cycles, habitats and classification.





Can you have a go at building your own habitat or a feature to help boost nature in your garden? E.g. A bug hotel, a toad hole, a bird bath, a bird table, etc.

History – Japanese artists

Research and produce a fact file on the famous, Japanese artist – Hokusai.

Have a go at creating your own creating / drawing of the Great Wave! See a brilliant example below:

Geography – Human and Physical – Rivers of the world.

Watch the videos below on rivers of the world. Why are they important? Why do we like to build around them? Once you have done this, can you locate local rivers using a map or globe?






Computing and Science – Challenge Zone!

Computing – Please ensure both units 5A and 5B have been completed before moving onto the Challenge Zone.

Continue with free coding.

Art – Japanese drawing.

We are starting our festival focus on Japan.

Please could children watch the following video and have a go at drawing different sets of Anime / Manga eyes! Be prepared to stop and start the video. Remember to use a light pencil for light shading/sketching techniques. Do not press on the paper hard with your pencil until you are 100% happy with your sketch. Thick, darker lines should only be applied to highlight features and to make them stand out on your page.

Eyes (20.04):


Face (27.04):


Facial features – Nose and Mouth (04.05):



Hair – Boys (11.05)


Hair – Girls (18.05)


Body – boys (25.05)


Body – girls (01.06)


Full body – Using all you have learnt above. (08.06 Boys) (15.06 Girls.)

Can you have a go at recreating the famous Japanese painting – Hokusai’s the great wave – (22.06) Add colour to your drawing / painting.

Outdoor education – Habitats

We are now exploring life cycles of living things and their habitats.


Could you visit the link above and research some of the habitats you may have in your gardens or surrounding areas. What could YOU do to help animals find a safe space to live, feed, and raise their young?

Have a go at some of the following activities recommended by Mr. Parker:





Music – Challenge.

Mrs. Floyd has put together some lovely music activities for you to try:

KS2 Music at Home

PE – Joe Wicks. 

Physical activity is extremely important.

Joe Wicks will lead a DAILY online PE session for all primary schools starting at 9am. Below is a link to his Youtube channel.

He will go live at 9am with a workout for them to follow, just tune in and follow his lead!


Free home activities to try from our after school provider: Premier Sports.


Online safety – On going.

With children facing time in isolation, it is important that they work through the online safetfy module to keep them safe when accessing the internet.