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PE is taught at Holy Family to develop in children a love for physically demanding adventurous activity. We want our children to live healthy, active lifestyles and take with them our chosen concepts for PE: Friendships, teamwork, sharing and resilience. Our aim is to increase participation for all children in physically demanding activity across the school so that our children can have healthier bodies and happier minds.

Holy Family – PE Implementation:

Implementation PE

Holy Family – PE Intent:

Intent Overview PE

How is PE taught at Holy Family?

At Holy Family, PE is taught through a skills based approach. We aim to provide our children with opportunities to develop , refine and then apply a range of skills to different sporting activities. Each term, we will focus on developing or refining a different set of skills and then provide children with opportunities to better apply these skills to a range of sporting activities and better understand how these skills or techniques can be adapted for each activity.

KS1 & KS2 receive two hours of physically demanding activity per week – the first session is delivered by our specialist coach, Mr. Newton, and the second session builds upon these skills and is delivered by their class teacher. EYFS engage in timetabled PE sessions but are also encouraged to explore the world around them and use a range of movement skills through continuous provision.

Outdoor education sessions with Mr Parker (EYFS – Y6) also provide children with further opportunities to apply skills, concepts and knowledge to problem solving in an outdoor learning environment.

Healthy Holy Family

At Holy Family, we encourage all our children to actively participate in physically demanding activity. We focus on participation and rewarding effort for all children but also provide the competitive element for those who want to take their love of sport further . We attend weekly Bassetlaw School Games events and host our very own Fitness Week during the school year. Please see below our achievements.

If your child has been active outside of school, please let the office know and bring in their awards / achievements for us to celebrate in our Friday assemblies.

PE Uniform policy:

From September, we ask that children come dressed in the correct PE uniform on their PE days.

We ask that children in Y5 bring their swimming costume in a separate bag to change into over lunchtime. Girls will need a full one piece swimming costume and boys need to wear trunks/ shorts. Swim shorts must not be baggy, extend beyond your child’s knees or contain pockets. This is for health and safety reasons; your child will not be able to swim if their swim wear does not follow School Swimming’s policy.

Children will need a re-usable water bottle.

PE Timetable 2020/21:

EYFS: Monday / Wednesday.

Y1: Thursday / Friday.

Y2: Tuesday / Friday.

Y3: Monday / Friday.

Y4: Wednesday / Friday.

Y5: Monday (Swimming) / Friday.

Y6: Thursday / Friday.

School swimming (Y5) Monday afternoons.

Guide for parents: Guidance for Parents


Afterschool clubs (2:45-3:45):

Monday – Dodgeball Club (KS1 & KS2) – TBC

Tuesday – Indoor Tennis Club (KS2) – TBC

Wednesday – Mr Parker’s Outdoor education club (All) – TBC

Thursday – Football Club (KS1 & KS2) – TBC

Friday – TBC

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