Firstly a huge thank you for only using the school to care for you children if it is absolutely necessary. Due to your amazing support we have been able to limit the number of pupils and staff coming into school over the last few days. We appreciate that the pupils who are in school are those of workers critical to the COVID-19 response who absolutely need to attend. If you have a partner at home who can care for your child who is not on the key worker list we urge you to consider home care as this is the safest place for your child. 

I now need to consider how critical working will affect the school over the holiday period. We need to know as soon as possible whether you will require our services between Monday 6th to Friday 17th April.

Please could you email the office with the days you will require during this period.

If you can make alternative arrangements to keep you children at home we know you will, but if it is crucial for them to be in school we will support you all we can, or make arrangements with other schools to ensure you can go to work. We will need to know as soon as you are able so that staffing levels can be agreed and social distancing arrangements, catering and cleaning can be put in place over this time.

We also ask you let us know if you won’t be needing our support during this period.

Please respond by contacting the School Office.