Remote Learning

As we continue to work through the school year, we hope that we do not have to close our bubble. However, in the event that we do, (or that your child needs to self-isolate away from school) here is the work that the children will need to access. We will keep updating it as appropriate so that the remote learning matches the content that would be happening in the classroom.


In our English lessons we are writing non fiction texts.

Here are some lessons about writing information texts on tigers.


We are currently looking at phase 5 phonics. Below are links to support learning at home.

Practice the revisit and review for each phase every day

Phase 3 Revist and review

Phase 4 Revist and review

phase 5 revisit and review

Then read one of the phoneme spotter sheets. Can you spot the phoneme? Can you decode the words to read the text fluently? You could upload or email us a video clip of you reading the text.

‘au’ Phoneme Spotter Story

‘aw’ Phoneme Spotter Story

‘ay’ Phoneme Spotter Story

‘ea’ Phoneme Spotter Story

‘eu’ Phoneme Spotter Story

‘ew’ Phoneme Spotter Story

Halloween ‘ee’ Phoneme Spotter Story

‘ir’ Phoneme Spotter Story

Phase 5 Split Digraph Phoneme Spotter Postcard


We are learning all about measures.

Remember to check your weekly homework on ‘My Maths’.

Please use Times Tables Rockstars daily to learn your tables.


This term our focus is habitats and microhabitats.


We are learning all about communities.


Learn how to keep yourself safe online.


We are looking at the sign and symbols involved in Baptism. We are using religious words and phrases used in the sacrement of Baptism. We will be recognising that Christians act in a particular way because they are members of the Church family.

Activities to complete at home;

  • Re-enact a Baptism, you could you make part of your home look like a church.
  • Design an invitation card to a Baptism.
  • Make a spider diagram about the uses of water. Explain how water brings life to living things and in Baptism it symbolises new life in Christ.
  • Write a prayer for a newly baptised baby.
  • Design a baptismal candle.


We are learning, what is a pulse?

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