Remote Learning

Remote Learning


As we continue to work through the school year, we hope that we do not have to close our bubble. However, in the event that we do, (or that your child needs to self-isolate away from school) here is the work that the children will need to access. I will keep updating it as appropriate so that the remote learning matches the content that would be happening in the classroom.


English – Reading 

Reading – Please access daily.

For writing, we are currently looking at persuasive texts in the form of a persuasive letter.

Can children have a go at writing two persuasive letters: One letter to parents / carers of why they should have a treat or go somewhere they would like to go, the other to the Prime Minister on why children should not work in Victorian factories. 

We are exploring the features:

Flattery – using compliments to persuade a reader

Reasons and benefits – Why may the change or decision benefit the reader?

Exaggeration – Why may exaggerating help change the reader’s mind?

Semi colons to link ideas. 



In class, we are looking at multiplication and division. Multiplying and dividing  Lessons will be set on MyMaths. Please also ensure that you access the Mastery Maths Homework guide – this can be found on the Y5 webpage.




Humans into old age.

We are exploring some of the physical and mental changes our bodies go through as we develop into old age.

As part of our topic work, we are comparing how diet and lifestyle in British history such as the Victorians, led to a lower life expectancy and lack of health care compared to modern Britain.

Can you complete the unit below but also find any Victorian recipes and bake at home. Compare the diet of Victorians to modern Britain. What has changed? Are we more aware of the food we are putting into our bodies and the affects?




As part of our communities topic, we will be investigating ‘Why do people live where they live?’




Please complete the ‘How to stay safe online’ unit.


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