Autumn Term 1



Follow this unit of work from The Oak Academy to learn more about narrative writing:






Learn more about integers and decimals from these Oak Academy lessons:




Learning Intention:

To know and understand God’s love is unconditional and never ending.

Use the following link to learn about God’s love for us:

LF 1 – Isaiah_40_1-5_9-11_28-31 (1)

LF 1 – Psalm 23

LF 1 – Psalm_136_1_5_9_23-26 (1)

Write a guide for children in KS1 explaining how they can know that God’s love is unconditional.


This half term, we are learning about electricity:



Continuing to exercise is very important!


As well as Joe Wicks, please follow this link for some fantastic P.E. ideas:

If you feel like a nice walk with your family, then why don’t you combine your exercise with learning about our local history?


Follow these lessons from Oak Academy:


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