In an effort to keep you informed about our contingency planning should the school close I would like to share the following.
We aim to stay open unless the Department of Education say otherwise.
We are encouraging children to wash their hands regularly and we are ventilating the classrooms well. This week we are taking collective worship in the classrooms rather than gathering as a large group in the hall. Sandwich pupils are excited to be able to eat their lunches outside if the weather is fine which reduces the numbers of children eating in the dining hall.
We will unfortunately have to postpone Mothers’ day lunch this Friday to avoid the numbers of mothers and grandmothers gathering together. We want to make sure we do everything to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Celebration assembly will also not take place until further notice.
In the event of school closures we are looking at ways to best support our children, parents and staff with workbooks and online learning.

We recognise the unhelpful situation that we find ourselves in and understand the worry that you will be facing. We want to encourage good communication and a sensible attitude to planning without risk of panic or fear. Please do not hesitate to contact us about this or any other matter.