School will reopen to all pupils from Monday 8th March at 8:15am, please find below an updated risk assessment and reopening information.

Please continue to avoid gathering of any kind, and we ask that you wear a mask as you wait at drop off and collection.

It is the duty of the school to help stop the spread of the virus, please do not send your child if they have symptoms. Please notify the school office if you or a member of your household has tested positive.

The plans  are reviewed regualrly and were updated on this web page on 7th March 2021.

Parents Back to School Plan March

Corona Virus Risk Assessment_Reopening 08.03.21

Also below is a copy of our Remote Learning Guidance.

Remote Education Provision at Holy Family Catholic Primary School_A Guide for Parents

On Monday schools will be reopening to all, 353 days after they were first closed. Has this been a year lost to learning, or has it been a year in which profound learning has taken place? In the clamour and rush to implement a catch-up curriculum, let us not forget so quickly what we have learned:
Lesson 1 – that education is a gift to be treasured, not one to be taken for granted.
Lesson 2 – that the value of what good schools provide is more than can be measured by tests or exams alone; what matters is hard to measure, and what is easy to measure doesn’t matter.
Lesson 3 – that we have nothing if we don’t have relationships we can depend on. It is through our relationships with others that we come to know ourselves and our place in the world.
Lesson 4 – that as individuals we have the capacity to be strong, creative, resilient, hopeful, kind, and generous, and that what this capacity can achieve is magnified ten-fold when we act together.
When we think about the last 12 months, we will inevitably be reminded of what we have lost or missed. After all, there are many who have lost much, and the weight of that loss has not fallen fairly; rather, it has laid bare the shameful, historic inequities in our society, including in education. But we may also find ourselves thinking about how our collective experience of adversity has brought forth acts of generosity, of heroism, of selflessness, and again including in our schools.
Without denying the truth of both of these standpoints, we can choose what we focus on when Monday comes. We will be focusing on 353 days’ worth of gratitude for what colleagues in education have done, for the opportunity which Monday 8th March provides for a fresh start building on those profound lessons learned.