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Ofsted says this is what it is like to attend Holy Family:

“Holy Family Primary School is a shining example of a caring, welcoming and happy
school. The school’s mission statement of the ‘five promises’ is at the heart of
everything it does. This is an inclusive school where everyone cares for each other
and learns together. Leaders have created a supportive and nurturing environment
in which pupils are safe and thrive. This, together with teachers’ consistently high
expectations, helps pupils to achieve well.

Pupils are polite, well mannered and courteous. They are respectful and value each
other’s differences. One pupil, echoing the views of others, told an inspector: ‘It
doesn’t matter what you believe in, or who you are, we are all the same inside.’
Pupils behave sensibly and work hard in lessons. They like having the chance to
earn ‘mission points’ for positive behaviour. Pupils say that bullying is rare. Staff are
quick to resolve any bullying issues that arise.

Leaders organise a range of outings and special events to support pupils’ learning.
For example, pupils enjoy their outdoor learning sessions and residential trips. Pupils
can also attend school clubs, such as choir and football. Pupils enjoy their
responsibilities, which include sports leaders and house captains.”  Ofsted June 2022

Holy Family Ofsted Report June 2022

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