The Catholic Life of the school interweaves and goes beyond RE lessons and the academic curriculum.  This is seen in lots of different ways.

For example, to ensure that time and focus is given to the liturgical calendar, explicit links to other aspects of the curriculum are identified where appropriate, events are timetabled.

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Our school promises and motto are fundamental within our behaviour policy and expectations.

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Prayer is part of every day at Holy Family. We share prayers in the morning, at lunchtime and at the end of the day.

As a school we also have a school prayer which is shared at Celebrations of the Word and whole school gatherings.

In addition, each month there is a different prayer to focus on which often relate to the liturgical calendar.  Progression in the prayers that children learn about and learn to say is built into our program.

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We experience the Catholic Life of the school through four knowledge lenses.

Hear – This focuses on the Word of God which we hear (and at times see) – Our holy family experience this through Religious Education lessons, through Celebrations of the Word, through Liturgy, through prayer and through our Mission.

Believe – This focuses on the content of the Church’s own profession of faith: what she believes, professes, defines and teachers.  Our holy family experience this through Religious Education lessons, through Celebrations of the Word and through modelling from both within school and our wider church community.

Celebrate – This focuses on the liturgy in which Church celebrates the Paschal mystery of Christ.  Our holy family experience this through developing our understanding of prayer and prayers, liturgy, the sacraments including the Eucharist as well as other liturgies.  We do this by regularly attending Mass in school or at the local church, teaching pupils about the key aspects of the sacraments and the liturgy and sharing celebrations with our wider community.

Live – This focuses on the impact if faith on how Christians live.  Our holy family experience this through learning about Catholic Social Teaching and how we can be active participants in making our world a better place for all.  We do this through taking part in charity events, learning about the lives of others and opportunities such as Mission Leaders or representing our school within the community.

In addition, there are two lenses which are specific to the Summer 2 unit in the Religious Education Directory.  These are Encounter and Dialogue.  These set out the requirements in relation to reaching of other religions and world views.  Whilst these are specific to the Summer 2 teaching unit, in our holy family we experience this through our mission statement: We are committed to promoting an inclusive, loving family through the teachings of the Catholic faith.  Pupils promise to keep everyone included.  We are a very welcoming school community with families from all around the world, speaking different languages, have different traditions and experiences but all part of our family.  We live out our motto – Holy Family: Together in Love.

This is supported by the following scripture:

We recognise that parents are the first teachers of our pupils, and that it is essential that we work in partnership with our families to support our pupils.  We provide guidance and information for our community so that everyone is able to share and guide our young people by teaching them through the same four knowledge lenses.