Curriculum Overview

“The curriculum is broad and balanced. It provides enriching experiences for pupils of all ages. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well. Pupils of all ages study a wide range of subjects, including those delivered by specialists, such as outdoor learning. Pupils are extremely positive about these opportunities.” Ofsted 2018

Leaders and teachers at this school recognise the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum. Using the National Curriculum as a structure we have set out our intent and implementation plans for each curriculum subject. A culture of shared planning and professional dialogue supports teachers to set high challenge for pupils in an engaging and meaningful way. We recognise the importance of understanding about how children learn and have ensured that there are opportunities across the curriculum to revise, recall, practice and demonstrate skills and knowledge.

There are three broad themes across all key stages. Community in the Autumn Term has a geographical focus, Journeys in the Spring Term has a historical focus and Festivals in the Summer Term has an Art and Design Focus.

The vocabulary for each theme is displayed in shared areas and classrooms and will be explicit in teacher planning and through high quality texts. Outcomes for children will be routed in planning which provides quality opportunities for the application, and therefore depth, of what they have learned to enable them to speak articulately about their knowledge and understanding of a subject.

Outdoor Education supplements the curriculum offer by developing the concepts of teamwork, resilience, problem solving, confidence and self esteem.

The curriculum for English in year 2 and above is based around key texts. In the early years foundation stage and year 1 the emphasis is on early reading, where we currently use the Letters and Sounds Programme to ensure consistency in phonics teaching and rapid development of early reading skills. We are currently looking into moving towards a validated phonics scheme to further enhance the work that we have been doing with Letters and Sounds. 

Our Mathematics scheme ‘Mathematics Mastery’ enables the large majority of pupils to progress through the mathematical curriculum content at the same pace. Differentiation at Holy Family means deep knowledge for those pupils who grasp concepts rapidly and scaffolding of the same content for those children that require more time to make links.


Pupils become fluent with earlier content and consolidate their understanding through additional practice and mathematics meetings daily.


Teaching is underpinned by the design of the mastery scheme, hand in hand with a professional development toolkit which provides a lesson-by-lesson guide to the conceptual and procedural knowledge, tips for classroom practice, and guidance for teachers to improve learning.


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