Transition Day


Transition day has already got off to a great start, the children are all reading the book Here We Are and getting to know the teachers. We are also welcoming lots of new families, thank you so much for making our family full of love.

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Good Shepherd Appeal 2024


During Lent, we were all challenged to walk laps of the field so that we could, collectively, walk the distance between Worksop and Calvary (where Jesus was crucified).  We far exceeded our target and raised over £800  - well done everyone!

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Holy Communion


We celebrated Holy Communion with our pupils, their families and children from across the St. Jude's Parish.  Our prayers are with these children as they grow in our Catholic family.

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We are gradually creating a Pentecost tradition.  We look at how the Holy Spirit gave the Apostles the skills to be able to speak different languages and we think about all of the wonderful languages that our children and families speak.  We spend the day learning about different languages and celebrating them.  This year, our Year 1 pupils ended the day with a Celebration of the Word all about Pentecost, sharing their art work, poetry, music and creative prayers.  We look forward to building this tradition in the future.




Our Canoeing season has started again.  A huge thank you to all of you that were able to contribute to the different fundraising events we have throughout the year.  This means that all of our children are able to experience a little time on the water.  The children learn so much, but most of all they are filled with joy.


Fathers’ Day Doughnuts


The PTA having organised Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to be ordered and delivered just in time to treat the Fathers' in our lives or the big brothers, uncles, grandads or friends who support our children.  Please see the posters around school for more information.

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Winning Chick


In our Hub, we have been waiting for our chicks to hatch and here she is - the first.  We have named her Winner.  We are now waiting for her brothers and sisters to hatch too.  We are learning a lot about caring for God's creatures and are looking forward to seeing how big they get.

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