Year 2 Remote Learning

This class page is for children in Class 2 who are needing to self isolate at home.

On this webpage you will find slides and links to lessons for your child to complete at home similar to those which your child would be learning at school.

In addition to this we can make your child a personalised pack to support their learning at home should you need one. We will esnure that we support your child’s needs on an individual basis and will be in regular contact.

Please contact us on our class email for further support.

Example Self Isolation timetable

Maths Meeting

C2_Maths Meeting_ Summer_ 2022


Practice the revisit and review for each phase every day.

Phase 3 Revist and review

Phase 4 Revist and review

phase 5 revisit and review

Reading at home

Please read with your child daily at home. We have given each child a Collins Ebooks username and password to read books linked to their current Phonics phase or reading ability.

In class we use reciprocal reading as a way of teaching the children the skills needed to become a fluent and confident reader.



This term we will working on our sentence building, focusing on how we can improve our writing through the use of expanded noun phrases and interesting vocabulary. We will also be focusing on embedding our punctuation skills.

Please click below to find lessons focusing on these English objectives.

Week 3

Tuesday 3.5.22
To listen to and respond to a story (

Wednesday 4.5.22
To tell a story from memory (

Thursday 5.5.22
To describe using the senses (

Friday 6.5.22
To add -es for plural nouns (


The following document has links to your daily Maths lesson linked to our current learning in class.

Week 3

Tuesday 3.5.22

Wednesday 4.5.22

Thursday 5.5.22

Friday 6.5.22


We will begin this term by learning all about Pentecost. We will look at how we send and receive messages as well as how the message of the Holy Spirit was sent to Jesus’ disciples. We will learn about the ascension and how we live out the Holy Spirit in our day to day lives.

We will then move onto learning about the commandments, focusing on how we show love to God and one another. We will learn all about forgiveness and why Christians behave in a certain way because of their beliefs.

Please click the link for this terms R.E. lessons.
Y2 RE Summer 1 Remote Learning

Wider Curriculum


Image result for barbara hepworth
This term our Art project is sculpting. We will start the unit learning all about the sculptor Barbara Hepworth. We will be using clay and tools to explore different techniques. At the end of the unit we will apply the techniques we have developed to create a Barbara Hepworth inspired sculpture.

Please click the link for this terms Art lessons.
Y2 Art Summer 1 Online Learning


Please complete your Science lesson for this week. We will be learning all about being healthy and hygiene, as part of our science this term.

Week commencing

18.4.22 – Lesson 1

25.4.22 – Lesson 2

2.5.22 – Lesson 3

9.5.22 – Lesson 4

16.5.22 – Lesson 5

23.5.22 – Lesson 6

Geography / Computing

This term we are creating E Books about Brazil. Here are lessons linked to Brazil to support your knowledge of the country.


Here are links to a weekly PE activity.

Week 1 Basketball

Week 2 Basketball

Week 3 OAA

Week 4 Tennis

Week 5 Gymnastics

Week 6 Cricket


Please complete your Music lesson for this week. We are thinking about rhythm.


Have a go at singing our French greetings and colours song. These should be practised daily.


Latest News

Fun Fridays

April 29th, 2022|0 Comments

Fun Fridays began today with a Wheelathon. We could not have asked for a better day with the sun shinning and so many happy children. Looking forward to next weeks activity already.