Class 3 Remote Learning

Welcome back to our remote learning page! It has been wonderful having the children back in school and we hope to return as soon as we are allowed to. In the meantime, we will once again move to remote learning and be uploading slides and links to this page.

The links to the live remote lessons are the same and you should have all received an email with these in however if you have any problems or need support then please just email the class address.

The final live session will be at 1pm as there will no longer be a reading and reflection session at the end of the day. Please will you use that time to do some reading, you can read books that you have at home or the Collins e-books (about which we have had great feedback).

During this wonderful season of Lent, there will be daily liturgies taking place. Mrs McEvoy will be doing live Teams liturgies on Mondays and Fridays at 8:45am and then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday your class teacher will be delivering a liturgy at 1pm.

Each day we will be holding live Teams Meetings during which, the teacher will give an input to the lesson. You will then need to come to this page to carry out the set activities. These will be updated daily.

Please upload any work completed to our class email address: or upload to Tapestry.

Phonics/Spelling- Live lesson on Microsoft Teams 9.00am

Here are the links to this week’s lessons if you are unable to access the live lesson at 9.00am

Spelling and Reading Monday 15th March

Spelling and Reading Tuesday 16th March

Spelling and Reading Wednesday 17th March

Spelling and Reading Thu 18th Mar

Spelling and Reading Fri 19th Mar


As a school we have recently bought into Collins Ebooks. These provide an online library of books which teachers can allocate linked to children’s growing Phonics knowledge, are age appropriate and are ideal in the current climate when children are unable to access reading books in school.

To access the books please follow the link below. Your child’s user name is UKHOLY followed by your child’s first and last name e.g. UKHOLYVickySonko, their password is Reading1

Below is a parents guide which shows how to access different features on the site, there is also an app which can be downloaded to make it more accessible on I-pads and tablets.

Collins eBooks Big Cat Parent Guide

Please record any reading you do at home on your tapestry account. You could add a video, photo or a comment if you wish or you can simply record the pages that have been read. If you need any support accessing your tapestry account, please let us know.

Also, follow the link to find a wide range of free books that can be read in different languages at home.

English- Live lesson on Microsoft Teams 10.00am

You will need to read The Iron Man: Chapter 3 for this week’s lessons.

Chapter 3

Monday 15th March 2021

Monday English

Tuesday 16th March 2021

Tuesday English

Wednesday 17th March 2021

Wednesday English

Thursday 18th March 2021

English Thursday 18th March

English Task Sheet – Thursday 18th March

Friday 19th March

*See RE lesson for Friday 19th March

Please remember to access Bedrock too!

Maths- Live lesson on Microsoft Teams 11.00am

In Maths lessons, we are working on Fractions.

Here are the links to this week’s Maths lessons and tasks if you are unable to access the live lesson at 11.00am.

15.03.21 Monday

 16.03.21 Tuesday

 17.03.21 Wednesday

18.03.21 Thursday

Multiplication table

19.03.21 Friday

Below is the link to this week’s maths meeting. Try to complete this as many times as you can within the week. There are details on relevant slides on how to amend/update the questions accordingly. A new maths meeting will be posted once a week on a Monday.

Maths Meeting Week Beginning Monday 15th March


Complete the tasks set on MyMaths as further consolidation of your learning.

Your login is: hfps

Your password is: boostholy

Then use your child’s login details. If you need these details, please email

Remember to practice your times tables on TTRockstars!

ENERGY – The power of fire


Thursday 18th March

RE Thursday 18th March

Lent Liturgy Crossing The Red Sea

Lenten Reflection Story Book 2021

Friday 19th March


Collective Worship

As we start the second week of isolation, we would like to remind you of the collective worship and assembly links for Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday Collective Worship

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Thursday Encouragement Assembly (Celebration)

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Friday Collective Worship

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


PE and Wellbeing- Live lesson on Microsoft Teams Monday 1.00pm

Please access the link below to the tasks for PE

15.03.21 Football

Also, please lace up your trainers and find a space and get moving by choosing some of the PE at home activities!

Why not try a wellbeing activity from our class menu. Can you get someone else to join in with you at home too?

Mindfulness March 2021

Our Science focus is Light.

LI: To recognise that light is needed in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light.


Click on the link below for the lesson if you are unable to join the live session:

TASK: Your task today is to design an outfit that would help to keep someone safe who is travelling outside in the dark. 

Topic- Live lesson on Microsoft Teams Wednesday 1.00pm

In our topic on ‘Journeys’, we will be looking at mining and how this impacted on our local area.

LI: To describe changes that have happened in the locality of the school throughout history.


Task: Using the paired research you did last week, create an information poster of facts about Manton Colliery. 

We used this link for some useful information:

Friday 19th March
Click on the word seascape below to access the slides for this week’s lesson. 


Coding – have a go at the free coding, see what you can create!

Online safety:

With children facing time in isolation, it is important that they work through the online safety module to keep them safe when accessing the internet.

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