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Mr Hayden

Remote Learning – 23.05.2022

Online Learning

Thank you for your continued support with your child’s learning. As we welcome back all children to school, this page will be for any children that are required to self-isolate. Please upload any work completed to our class email address:


Please continue to use Bedrock Vocabulary – this is an excellent scheme that will help your child to learn new vocabulary. Parents will have received an e-mail with log-in details and they are also in the front of children’s planners.

In our English lessons for the Summer term we will be reading Charlotte’s Web. If you are isolating, you will be able to find all chapters being read by a teacher on Youtube here:

This week, 23.05, children are reading Chapter 4 of Charlotte’s Web and will retrieving information from information texts.

If you are isolating, please use the link above to listen to Chapter 4 and 5 and follow the Oak Academy link on information texts.

Features to include:



Facts and figures (numbers %)

Factual information


Picture and caption

Oak academy lessons on Newspapers can be found here:


Please click the following link to see our Y4 Maths planner. Year 4 Curriculum Map. This will help you to follow your child’s learning in class.

Remember, additional tasks can be found set on MyMaths and MathswithParent but it is the Maths Mastery homework booklet that we expect your child to complete at home. The Spring booklet can be found at the bottom of this section.

Please use Times Tables Rockstars daily to learn your tables.

For the second week of term, we will be starting our unit on Time.

The Oak Academy links for Money (23.05) can be found here:

We are finishing our final 4 lessons on Money this week before moving onto Shape and symmetry.

Please also begin to work your way through the Summer homework book below.

Y4 Autumn homework book

Y4 Spring homework book

_06_ Y4 Summer homework book

Reading – Charlotte’s Web.

Please read with your child everyday at home. All chapters for Charlotte’s Web can be found on Youtube. If your child requires a book, please contact Mr Hayden to arrange one being sent home for use during isolation.

In class we use reciprocal reading as a way of teaching the children the skills needed to become a fluent and confident reader. We do this by following the steps below.

Predicting – What do they think this text is about?

Clarify – What new vocabulary have they experienced? What do the new words/phrases mean?

Question – Can children answer questions about the text?

Summary – In their words, what is the text about?

All children have a logon to Collins and a library for each to choose a suitable book. Please use the following link to sign in.


For this half term, we will be exploring Sound and how it travels. Please complete one lesson a week.

Oak Academy links can be found here:

• Identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating

• Recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear

• Find patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it

• Find patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it

• Recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases.

Art & DT

For this half term (19.04-23.05), we are beginning our topic on William Morris.

We will also be finishing off our DT topic from last term by making mini green houses this week. Please can all children bring in as many 2L plastic bottles as they can for Wednesday 11th May. Thank you.

If you are isolating:

Produce a biography on William Morris – D.O.B, D.O.D, famous for…

Research examples of his work and list the eye catching features of his designs. If you were to create your own design based on his influence, what aspects may you copy and why?

We will be creating our own ‘printing’ wallpaper in the style of William Morris so please think about what you would like to encoporate into your Victorian style designs.


For the next five weeks of this half term, 19.04-23.05 we are looking at Programming B – linked to repetition and games.

We will use block coding from espresso coding to deliver this unit.

Children started with Lesson 1 Under the Sea on Friday the 22nd so please aim to complete one full lesson block per week.

If your child forgets their credentials for espresso, please contact Mr Hayden or check their notes pages in their reading diaries.

We have already covered programming A and formatting.

Please find additional Oak Academy links to programming here:

Children should begin with L1 and work their way through a lesson a week.


For the final half week of term we are looking at others faiths, Islam.

Follow the link below


If you are isolating, please follow Joe Wicks on his school workouts.

Keep practicing your throwing and catching skills if you have room – Underarm, overarm, behind the head and chest pass.

Can you dribble using one hand, your dominant and weak hand, two hands together, alternating between left and right?

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