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During this half term we will be looking at the anointing of the sick and how Jesus looked after the sick.

From the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he was concerned with the sick and needy.  He never turned anyone away even when he was tired and weary.  In Jesus’ day, there were many sick people and they often had to survive by begging at the roadside.  Read God’s Story 3 page 98 Jesus gives sight to a blind man.  This story from Luke illustrates Jesus’ compassion:


As Jesus was coming near Jericho, there was a blind man sitting by the road, begging. When he heard the crowd passing by, he asked, “What is this?”

“Jesus of Nazareth is passing by”, they told him.

He cried out, “Jesus! Son of David!  Have mercy on me!”  The people in front scolded him and told him to be quiet.  But he shouted even more loudly, “Son of David!  Have mercy on me!”

So Jesus stopped and ordered the blind man to be brought to him.  When he came near, Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?”

“Sir”, he answered, “I want to see again.”  Jesus said to him, “Then see! Your faith has made you well.”   At once he was able to see, and he followed Jesus, giving

thanks to God. When the crowd saw it, they all praised God.

Luke 18: 35-43


  • Why do you think Jesus was so concerned with the sick and needy?
  • Why do you think the people scolded the blind man?
  • How do you think the blind man felt?
  • What do you think was the significance of the title the blind man gave to Jesus, ‘Jesus! Son of David!’ What did it show about his faith?
  • What was Jesus’ attitude to the blind man?
  • What do you think Jesus meant when he said, ‘Your faith has made you well’?
  • What do you think of the attitude of the people once they saw Jesus’ healing power?
  • How do you think the blind man felt when he could see?
  • Write a report for the Jericho Times about the incident and explain who people believe Jesus is and what ideas and experiences people have of him. Link it to other scriptural texts if you can and include quotes from bystanders about how it has affected their faith.


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Art and Design Technology

In DT we are going to be looking at woodwork skills to create bird houses. We will also be looking at computer design. Use the following sequence of lessons to look at computer aided design


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Sports Day

July 20th, 2022|1 Comment

It was great to see so many parents back in school to support our children during sports day. It was a very hot day and the children still competed to the highest standard.

Fun Fridays

April 29th, 2022|0 Comments

Fun Fridays began today with a Wheelathon. We could not have asked for a better day with the sun shinning and so many happy children. Looking forward to next weeks activity already.