Autumn Term 2

Week Beginning 29th  November 2021


We are going to extend our grammar skills through writing autobiographies.

To further your understanding of biographical writing use these lessons from the Oak Academy:

This week, please complete lessons 6-10.

Revise your grammar using these links:

Relative Clauses:


Commas to clarify meaning:


This week, we are learning more about fractions.

Follow this link and complete lessons 6-10:

Further learning to support understanding will be given weekly as homework via MyMaths


Learning Intention:

We are now looking towards Advent and this week, we begin our new topic – Expectations :

Wednesday 1st December

Learning Intention:

To be able to identify sources of religious belief linked to Advent as a time of joyful expectation of Christmas

Read The Angelus:

Reveal 3 – The Angelus

Reflect on these questions: 

  • What were the expectations placed upon Mary?
  • How did Mary respond to these expectations? Q  What events take place within the Angelus?
  • Find and discuss words/phrases that are unfamiliar to the children.
  • Discuss the meaning and significance of these.
  • Why is the Hail Mary repeated throughout? What is it reminding us of?

Use responses to these questions as a guide to writing  a poem about Mary. In your poem outline Mary’s feelings of anticipation and expectation at becoming the Mother of Christ and what this means to us as Christians.

Remember to use the poetry skills learnt in English.


This half term, we are learning about light:

Please complete lesson 5


Please use Oak Academy lessons to learn about biomes.

Please complete lesson 5


Continuing to exercise is very important!

As well as Joe Wicks, please follow this link for some fantastic P.E. ideas:

If you feel like a nice walk with your family, then why don’t you combine your exercise with learning about our local history?


Follow these lessons from Oak Academy:

Please complete lesson 5


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