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Remote Learning

Online Learning
Please check back at this page often as we will keep updating it as appropriate so that the remote learning matches the content that is happening in the classroom. Remember you can contact us at anytime through our class email address and Tapestry.

Please contact the teachers on the email above if you have any questions. Please share completed work through email or by adding an observation on your child’s Tapestry account.

Week commencing 29th November 2021

This week we will be continuing our work on people who help us and the nurse will be visiting us in school. We are also looking forward to using our advent wreath as we start to prepare for Christmas.


Daily phonics lessons can be accessed through the links below.


Follow the link below to watch the lesson:


Follow the link below to watch the lesson:


Follow the link below to watch the lesson:


Follow the link below to watch the lesson:


Follow the link below to watch the lesson:

Communication, Language and Literacy

Helicopter Stories:

Helicopter Stories lets children dictate their stories which are written down verbatim, exactly as they are told, by an adult. The children then act out their stories. Encourage your child to dictate a story and add some simple words and sentences. Please share your stories through Tapestry or the class email.

Alongside the simplicity of this approach is an ethos that is child-centred, creating a culture of curiosity and wonder at the dexterity of children’s imaginings during both the telling and the acting out of their stories.

Please share the stories on Tapestry or send them to the class email address.

Characters examples

Story-settings examples


Story problems


Reading at Home

Your child has two reading books from school. Please keep sharing these with each other. One is for you to read and share together, the other is based on their phonics which may be initial sounds, retelling a story through pictures or starting to segment and blend simple words using the sounds they have been taught.

Parents can further support their children with their reading through:

Predicting – What do they think this text is about?

Clarify – What new vocabulary have they experienced? Meaning?

Question – What would they still like to know?

Summary – In their words, what is the text about?



To combine two groups


To combine two groups including zero


To explore subtraction by partitioning


To practise addition and subtraction


To order objects by size


As well as starting our work on advent, we are also looking at birthdays. Talk about your child’s birthday with them and birthday celebrations they have been to.

Daily Calendar:

Every day please encourage your child to sing the days of the week song and wably-6xj6atork out what the date it is by counting one more. You can also encourage your child to talk about the weather and the season. The children enjoy doing this activity every day and are excellent at remembering the different days!

Learning indoors:


Cake recipe book

Indoor treasure hunt

Playdough recipe book

Physical Development

Why not try yoga with your child to help them to calm down but also to get exercise too. It is a little website called Cosmic Kids yoga and it has several types of yoga based on different stories. For example, the hungry caterpillar, Room on a broom, Frozen. See which story you and your child like the best.

Andy’s Wild Adventures

Here is a link to a drawing class with author and illustrator Rob Biddulph.

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